Sectional Overhead Door

Fully Automatic Manufacturing Line

Sectional Overhead Door Manufacturing Line

The core of this manufacturing line utilizes our fully automatic rollforming system with dynamic width adjust about center line. This allows the ability to roll form sectional door panels varying in width. The appropriate width of the panel can quickly be adjusted within seconds via a colored touchscreen, or let the algorithm perform automatic calculation based on basic inputs such as door width, height, and quantity.

Dynamic Width Adjust

The style of the panel such as embossment pattern, corrugation layout, flush, and raised pattern in the panel can also be implemented in the manufacturing system as well. Pilot holes for the installation of inside stiles (post) & end stiles (outside post) are automatically punched in-line.

Sectional Overhead Door Panels

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Width Adjust about center rollforming mill
  • Tool steel grade & hard-chrome plated forming rollers
  • Rotary side trimming rollers and scrap choppers
  • In-line pilot hole punching
  • Variable width corrugation forming rollers with hydraulic cylinders
  • Advanced algorithm for automatic calculation via colored touchscreen interface with programmable logic controller
  • Fully customizable paint coloring

  • Sectional Overhead Door Manufacturing Line Key Features

    Optional Features:

  • Fully insulated PUR/PIR Foam Injection System
  • Steel Embossing System integration
  • Hydraulic Tile Press for raised panels
  • Motorized Side Transfer & Assembly Table
  • Dual Mandrel Un-coiler & Coil car
  • Orbital Wrapping Machine
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System
  • Label Printer
  • Panel Width Manual Adjustment via spacers

  • Sectional Overhead Door Manufacturing Line Optional Features

    Peripheral System:

    There are other components of a sectional overhead door which can be fabricated by SEAHOW rollforming system incorporated with or without additional equipment.

    Stile Production Line

    Since the difference between the end stile and the center stile is their height, hence we can utilize hydraulic piston to width adjust several roller stands to produce the same basic profile, but with two different height in a single rollforming machine. All necessary perforations are done in-line as well. The changeover is as simple as choosing the desired matching panel on the touchscreen interface. The number of stiles are automatically calculated and produced based on the panel length (door width).

    Stile Production Line

    Track Production Line

    The production line is capable of producing one pair of handed horizontal tracks and one pair of handed vertical tracks in a single rollforming machine. All necessary perforations for either the horizontal or vertical tracks are done in-line. The different lengths of horizontal track for different radius are automatically calculated by choosing the desired door height and radius.

    Track Production Line

    Utilizing a Semi-Automatic Rotary Hydraulic-Powered Bending Machine with a specially designed mandrel, the two handed horizontal tracks are bending in one pass. This method forces the open profile of the track to be more of a closed profile, thus the bend is always smooth and wrinkle-free with minimum deformation. Most importantly this method increases productivity and eliminate the need of a separate bending machine.

    Hydraulic Bending Machine

    Reinforced steel angle

    The production line is capable of producing one pair of handed steel angles for the matching handed horizontal tracks. All necessary perforations and notching are done in-line and perfectly matching the corresponding tracks as well.

    Reinforced Steel Angle Production Line

    Wind-resistance strut

    Traditionally the wind-resistance strut is produced by a press brake due to its larger and deeper corrugation. However, we are capable of producing the strut equaling in strength, but far more efficiently, in a single rollforming machine complete with additional reinforced rib lines and hemmed edges. All necessary perforations are done in-line.

    Wind-Resistance Strut Production Line

    ( We reserve the right to modify the technical details and data listed above as a result of ongoing, technical improvement programs. )