Roller Door

Fully Automatic Manufacturing Line

Roller Door Manufacturing Line

When producing roller door sheet, a traditional rollforming machine would be the most efficient and ideal choice. However due to the wider width of the roller door sheet, the corrugated sheet may suffer from minor bowing effects and deformations. The dedicated machine would also be limited to one specific profile or shape.

The automatic roller door manufacturing line we have developed begins the process with our fully automatic rollforming system with dynamic width adjust about center line, to roll form the sheets with open lock seam varying in width. The desired width of the sheet can quickly be adjusted within seconds via a colored touchscreen. The open lock seam sheet is then transported downstream via a motorized roller table to the pop-up conveyor in-feed system of the hydraulic press brake.

Roller Door Manufacturing Line

We utilize a hydraulic press brake with triple cylinders, paired with bottoming punch & die set. The nature of the press brake punch and die set also allows smaller radius in the bend versus forming rollers of rollforming machines. This ensures each corrugation to be very well defined both structurally and esthetically.

Roller Door Corrugated Sheets

The pitch of each corrugation is automatically calculated evenly, based on the width of the sheet and the appropriate punch & die set. The toolings are fastened with hydraulic clamps to allow quick changing of multiple styles within minutes. Once all the corrugations are completed it gets lifted off via pneumatic vacuum re-claimer and be placed on a height-sensing platform.

Roller Door Corrugated Sheets

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Width Adjust about center rollforming mill
  • Tool steel grade & hard-chrome plated forming rollers
  • Triple hydraulic cylinders press brake with crowning compensation
  • Quick punch & die change with hydraulic clamps
  • Pneumatic vacuum with conveyor for sheet removal & transfer
  • Advanced algorithm for automatic pitch calculation with colored touchscreen interface with programmable logic controller
  • Fully customizable paint coloring

  • Roller Door Manufacturing Line Features

    Optional Features:

  • Detachable motorized table for normal press brake operation with Safety Light Curtain
  • Automatic stapling of nylon strips
  • Lock seam closer
  • Motorized assembly table
  • Dual mandrel Un-coiler & Coil Car
  • Top sheet rollforming machine

  • Roller Door Manufacturing Line

    ( We reserve the right to modify the technical details and data listed above as a result of ongoing, technical improvement programs. )