Rollforming System

For Various Industries

SEAHOW Rollforming System serves in multiple industries to manufacture various applications. We are experienced with the critical criteria thus capable to design powerful, reliable, efficient, and balanced machine for your desired performance and budget.

Rollforming Machine

We have made numerous upgrades accordingly to the input and perspective from our customers in various industries. We have standardized many features in our roll forming systems to maximized productivity, efficiency, and durability.

We are capable of rollforming ferrous materials of steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel of various thickness. Non-ferrous material such as aluminum, brass, and copper are also available.

Key Features:

  • Advanced inline punching and cutting options
  • Tool steel grade & hard-chrome plated forming rollers
  • Multiple safety features options
  • Colored touchscreen interface with programmable logic controller
  • Fully customizable paint coloring
  • Extended warranty up to 2 years

  • Key Features

    Now featuring dual cantilevered duplex system for "Dynamic Width Adjust". Utilizing high quality, high precision ball screws paired with Servo Motors, the rollformeing system can adjust to desired width via simple control on a touch screen. This step-less, variable width adjusting eliminates the traditional method of inserting spacers across all forming stations which can take up to hours of valuable production time.

    Please visit Full Manufacturing Line section to see more specific applications.

    Dynamic Width Adjust Rollforming System

    Peripheral Machines:

    We are capable of incorporating various machineries with our rollforming system into a full automatic / semi-automatic production line.

  • Steel Embossing System
  • PUR / PIR Foam Injection System
  • Hydraulic Bending Machine
  • Mechanical Press
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Hydraulic Press Brake
  • Flying Cutter
  • Pneumatic Stacking Run-out Table
  • Automatic Perforating System
  • Automatic Rolling Shutter Door Slat Interlocking System
  • Rollforming System Peripherals


    Rolling Shutter Door

  • single/double layer slat  |  PUR/PIR foam insulated slat  |  fire rated slat
  • bottom rail
  • guide channel/side channel with or without PVC/Plastic whisper quiet inserts
  • Rolling Shutter Door Applications

    Roller Door

  • corrugated sheet
  • curtain enclosure
  • tube/drum
  • guide channel
  • Roller Door Applications

    Sectional Overhead Door

  • single skin panel
  • PUR/PIR insulated panel
  • horizontal/vertical track
  • wind resistance strut
  • end stiles (outside post)  |  center stiles (inside post)
  • reinforce steel angle
  • Sectional Overhead Door Applications

    Building & Construction Applications:

  • AG panel  |  roofing panel  |  roofing tile
  • metal deck
  • insulated sandwich wallboard
  • C & Z purlin
  • steel angle
  • highway guardrail (W-Beam)  |  hand rail  |  fence railing

  • Various Profiles
    ( We reserve the right to modify the technical details and data listed above as a result of ongoing, technical improvement programs. )