Hardware & Accessories

For the Door Industry

From our extensive experience and development in the door industries, we understand it is simply impossible to fabricate everything in-house. It is far more efficient to procure specific components from reputable and reliable partners.

Seahow has been an offshore procurement specialist who is capable of supplying relevant components and accessories for various industries. We are willing to contribute our knowledge and experience to serve prospective customers to achieve strategic mutual benefits. OEM and ODM is the most welcome.

In the case of a component being too bulky or not cost-effective logistically to procure from overseas, as per customer’s requirement we can supply SKD / CKD parts with appropriate machineries or assembly line to complete the final processes on-site.

Rolling Shutter Door & Window

Aluminum Extruded Slats for Doors and Windows

Aluminum Extruded Slats

Casting / Stamping / Plastic End Lock & Wind Lock

Rolling Shutter Door Hardware & Accessories

Operator & Accessories

Rolling Shutter Door Hardware & Accessories

Sectional Overhead Door

Hardware & Accessories

Sectional Garage Door Hardware & Accessories

Roller Door

Operator, Hardware, & Accessories

Roller Door Hardware & Accessories

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