Seahow Group was established in 1987, started out as an industrial engineering consulting and sourcing service for global international clients, mainly in the door and automotive industries.

From our extensive successful involvement in the various industries, we have developed an independent division in 1990 to design and manufacture rollforming machineries and related profiling machineries in Taiwan, allowing companies to fabricate parts that are more efficient to produce in-house, while we procure and supply other parts in need of specific type of manufacturing processes.

We are dedicated in building unsurpassed quality of products that can confidently meet the critical requirements of our customers. Our products and services have assisted businesses of all sizes to grow. Whether just starting out or looking to lean down manufacturing processes.

SEAHOW provides the ultimate quality, competitive pricing, and on time delivery schedule. We are capable to be your reliable supply partner or act as a remote expansion of your business. "Our goal is not just to live up to expectations; it is at all times to exceed them!"

What we do


Rollforming System


Rollforming Machine & Peripheral System


Full Manufacturing Line

Fully Automatic Manufacturing Line

Sectional Overhead Door  |  Roller Door
Rolling Shutter Door  |  Steel Coil Slitting Line


Hardware & Accessories

Door Hardware & Accessories

Door  |  Window  |  Gate
Related Hardware, Component, & Accessories


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