Seahow Industrial Seahow Group

Steel Slitter

  • High quality SKD-11 or equivalent rotary knives
  • Slitting and shearing in one machine
  • Raw material coil leveling rollers
  • Production speed up to 20 meters per minute (model dependent)
  • Hydraulic powered Un-coiler
  • Hydraulic powered Un-loading Car
  • Tension Pad for a tight wound
  • Photo sensor for accurate control
  • Slits coil thickness from 0.3mm ~ 1.6mm

  • Loading Car
  • Double-head Un-Coiler up to 7.5MT per coil
  • Scrap Winder / Chopper
  • Stacking Table

Photo Sensor

Slitting Platform


We reserve the right to modify the technical details and data listed above as a result of ongoing, technical improvement programs.

Having the Slitting & Shearing Line in-house can help door companies in many ways.
  • eliminate outsource slitting cost
  • efficiently reduce material assortment and surplus cost
  • control delivery time
  • ability to purchase raw material in bulk directly from mill
  • sell edge trim
  • develop in-house expertise to maximize productivity
  • save freight cost

Steel Slitting Line

The line consists of,

  • Un-coiler:
    Hydraulic powered 3HP up to 5 ton (model dependent) capacity with expandable and contractible leaf. Easy coil loading with overhead crane or forklift. Loading car is optional.
  • Slitting & Shearing Platform:
    10 ~ 15HP (model dependent) main motor slits and shears with programmable quantity and length. Speed and capacity are adjustable and has the ability to link with Un-coiler and Re-coiler via Photo Sensors.
  • Tension Station:
    Provides consistent tension across the slit strip for tight-wound and flat face slit coils.
  • Re-coiler & Un-loading Car:
    10HP up to 5 ton (model dependent) capacity motor re-coils the slit strips with expandable and contractible leaf to accommodate different inside diameters. Ease of unloading via 5 ton (model dependent) hydraulic Unloading Car. Additional support arm for heavier loads.