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Automatic Sliding Door Operator
  • Fully programmable microprocessor controller with LED display
  • Horizontally mounted 24 VDC brush-less motor with thermal overload protection
  • Compact switching power, 100 VAC ~ 265 VAC power input
  • Automatic pilot run
  • Advanced obstruction detection
  • Adjustable settings:
    » Open Speed (fast)
    » Close Speed (fast)
    » Open / Close Speed
    » Brake Sensitivity (open)
    » Brake Sensitivity (close)
    » Brake Distance (open)
    » Brake Distance (close)
    » Opening Hold time
    » Obstruction Sensitivity
  • Fully adjustable door hanging unit
  • Easy installation and adjustments by hand tools
  • High quality driving belt
  • Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Night Lock System
  • Multi-Access Controller
  • Various type of sensors

Door Openings

Door Openings

We reserve the right to modify the technical details and data listed above as a result of ongoing, technical improvement programs.

SEAHOW Automatic Sliding Door System is equipped with an intelligent and advanced microprocessor controller. The fully-programmable digital design is continuously self-learning, self-adjusting and monitors critical door functions with automatic obstruction detection requiring no limit switch at all.

Automatic Sliding Door Operator
System Layout
Microprocessor Controller
Microprocessor Controller

The operator is equipped with a maintenance-free DC brush-less motor mounted horizontally with hall-IC positioning control, together with the high intelligent microprocessor controller; the combination produces high efficiency and reliability with minimum vibration and noise. The housing of the gear reducer unit is manufactured with CNC machining centers and houses a high torque worm gear type setup using superior ball bearings and needle bearings.

DC Brush-less Motor Unit
Motor Unit

Door hanging units are fully adjustable in all directions. Main driving belt is manufactured by Goodyear USA in a teethed profile contains steel wires inside to add strength and prevent slippage. Each driving component is zinc plated to enhance aesthetic and to resist corrosion.

Driving Components
Driving Components Goodyear® Teethed Belt
Driving Component

Each system includes a set of header & header cover made with satin aluminum extrusion to provide a strong, smooth, yet clean look and 2 infrared sensors. We also offer many plug-in optional upgrades.

Infrared Sensor Access Controller