Seahow Industrial Seahow Group

  • Strong & durable base design
  • Reinforced driving components
  • Reliable electrical components
  • Emergency maneuver via chain hoist & manual release
  • Solenoid brake
  • Wide selection of voltage and capacity
  • Low voltage push buttons
  • Manual, electrical, or remote operations
  • Wide selection of fitment
      » #530 (#50) roller chain
      » #640 (#60) roller chain
      » 4” / 5” / 6”/ 8” pipe
  • Wireless remote control with rolling code
  • Obstruction Sensor
  • Safety beam & sensing edge
  • Motor starter
  • Various type of sensors



We reserve the right to modify the technical details and data listed above as a result of ongoing, technical improvement programs.

SEAHOW Rolling Shutter Door Operators has a complete range of operators to suit all applications. All of our motors are made with the highest quality of materials for maximum strength and durability. We also supply most rolling shutter door accessories and parts.

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Rolling Door Operator: AHA Series Rolling Door Operator: APA Series Rolling Door Operator: APR Series
| AHA Series | APF Series | APR Series |

  • AHA series (300KG ~ 500KG) » Residential / Light Commercial Duty
  • APF series (300KG ~ 600KG) » Commercial / Industrial Duty
  • APR / APT series (600KG ~ 1000KG) » Industrial Duty

Rolling Door Operator: Leg Layout
| AHA Series | APF Series | APR Series | APT Series |

Exterior casing is either aluminum alloy with helical gearbox (AHA series) or ductile steel with planetary gearbox (APF / APR / APT Series).

Rolling Door Operator: Gearbox Rolling Door Operator: Gearbox

Drive shafts and driving gears of the motors are made with high quality steel alloy then heat treated. We utilize only the highest quality of bearings to be used in the operators.

Each operator is controlled by a reliable magnetic switch enclosed in a plastic cap on top of the motor, protected from harsh environment. Door positioning is controlled by mechanical limit switch. All of the motors are equipped with overheat protection sensors.

Each operator is equipped with a centrifugal governor to control maximum turning speed. Solenoid braking with manual release mechanism and an unique chain hoist without clamps are standard on every operator in case of emergency situation. The operator is easily installed and can be mounted on either side of the door.

Rolling Door Operator: Centrifugal Governor Rolling Door Operator: Solenoid Brake & Manual Release Rolling Door Operator: Chain Hoist

We believe quality doors must be built from quality parts, therefore we offer many accessories and related parts for rolling doors.