Seahow Industrial Seahow Group

  • Tool steel grade forming rollers or dies
  • Manual or fully automated forming process
  • Equipped with inverter to adjust forming speed
  • Customized driving type depending on application:
    » chain driving
    » gear driving
    » mechanical driving
    » hydraulic driving
    » combination
  • Customized un-coiler depending on application:
    » passive
    » motorized
    » mechanical
    » hydraulic
  • Customized cutter depending on application:
    » hydraulic
    » mechanical guillotine
    » fly wheel
    » linear sawing
  • Customized controller depending on application:
    » programmable control
    » numerical encoder
    » traditional micro-switch
    » PLC
    » micro-processor
  • Cooling system
  • Standard run-table
  • Punching & Cutting dies
  • Capable of forming wide variety of raw materials
  • Automatic stacking table
  • Film applicator
  • OPP fiberboard adhesive machine
  • Slitting machine
  • Embossing machine
  • Lock seaming machine
  • Shearing machine




Bottom Slat & Windows

Various Profiles

Insulated Slat

Roofing Panel

We reserve the right to modify the technical details and data listed above as a result of ongoing, technical improvement programs.

SEAHOW Rollformers serve in the door industry to manufacture various applications. We are experienced with the critical criteria thus capable to design powerful, reliable, efficient, and balanced machine for your desired performance and budget.

A standard complete set of automatic rollformer includes, un-coiler, controller, adjusting rollers, forming rollers, cutter, encoder, frequency inverter, and run table.

| Standard Layout |

Now featuring "Dynamic Width Adjust". Utilizing high quality, high precision ball screws paired with Servo Motors, our rollformers can adjust to desired width via simple control on a touch screen.

This stepless, variable width adjusting elimiates the traditional method of inserting spacers across all forming stations which can take up to hours of valuable production time.

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  • cold rolled steel
  • galvanized steel
  • colored steel
  • stainless steel
  • aluminum alloy
  • and etc.


  • Rolling Shutter Door: slat, bottom slat, column, guide channel, etc.
  • Roller Door Panel: panel, guide channel, rail, etc.
  • Overhead Door Panel: panel, strut, post, track, rail, etc.
  • Building, Construction, & Transportation: roofing, metal deck, insulated sandwich internal & external wallboard, C & Z shapes, steel angle, etc.

Depending on the complexity of different applications, many parts of our rollformers can be further customized to manufacture the products more efficiently with the highest quality in mind.

Driving type:



Controller: Once a digital encoder (with PLC) is equipped, the rollformer can run fully automatic. The quantity and length are fully programmable and jobs can be saved / recalled minimizing labor cost.

SEAHOW Rollformers not only serve in the door industry. We are capable to build custom rollformers satisfying innovative designs and profiles too difficult to produce by other manufacturing process.

  • Metal Frames for Doors and Windows
  • Metal Deck
  • Purlin in Construction
  • Building Roofing
  • Highway Guard Rails