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Company Objective

Our products and services have helped businesses of all sizes to grow. Whether just starting out or looking to lean down manufacturing processes. SEAHOW provides the ultimate quality, competitive pricing, and on time delivery schedule. We are capable to be your reliable supply partner or act as a remote expansion of your business.

Our aim is to go beyond the basics of quality, cost, and reliability. SEAHOW is a partner dedicated to the achievement of customers & clients business objectives. The company policy is to make the production with efficient operations yet maximizing cost saving, and to develop a long-term working relationship, which will be mutually profitable. "Our goal is not just to live up to expectations; it is at all times to exceed them!"

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should door companies invest in a rollformer first when considering in a production line?

  • No expensive shipping buying preformed panels. Coils are easily and cheaply delivered to the jobsite.
  • No more damaged panels in shipping and replacement panels causing delays.
  • Minimum labor and waste of material. Able to produce panels to exact length.
  • Work on your own schedule, not waiting and relying on suppliers.
  • Form perfect panels each time every time to your own unique styles.
  • The products produced by a rollformer can be assembled to manufacture your own door or to supply as parts to others.

What are the advantages of roll forming over other metal fabricating methods?

  • The initial cost of a roll forming line is often less than the cost of other type of metal fabrication machineries.
  • Roll forming is a high volume, high efficiency process that makes uniform and accurately dimensioned parts.
  • Parts are produced with little handling, minimizing labor costs and can usually be handled with a minimal number of operators.
  • Maintenance costs are low. The form rolls can produce several million feet of product before problems occur when properly maintained.
  • The roll forming process is easily combined with other operations and processes to automatically form a considerable range of metal parts.

What are the limitations of roll forming?

  • Experienced roll design engineers is required to design the rolls for complex shape forming.
  • Complicated tubular shapes, and some closed shapes, may need mandrels to form the shape accurately.
  • Delicate, breakable, machine parts may need recurrent replacement during high volume production runs.

What is the difference between a rollformer equipped with a digital encoder versus a traditional micro-switch?

One equipped with the traditional micro-switch can only produce one model at a time of certain length set by a sliding ruler mechanism. Whereas a rollformer equipped with a digital encoder with PLC allows the user produce many models of different length and quantity, as well the integration of other peripheral equipments.

Rollformers equipped with digital encoder are also installed with an inverter, allowing the change of the production speed. In comparison, the encoder model runs fully automatic with minimized labor cost and production time with reasonable added cost.