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Embossing Machine

  • High quality precision metal forming rollers, roller shafts, & support bearings
  • Various engraving methods depending on applications
  • High tension steel alloy raw material on the embossing dies
  • Heavy duty driving motor & gear reducer
  • Superior machined driving gears with high modulus gear ratio & driving roller chain
  • Equipped with frequency inverter & hydraulic engagement control to integrate with other machineries
  • Can be set up to
    » operate individually
    » production line
    » incorporated with rollforming or other machineries

  • Uncoiler & Coil Car
  • Hydraulic cylinder for engage/dis-engage
  • Frequency Inverter
  • Hydraulic Cutter
  • Side Trimmer & Scrap Choppers
  • Leveler

Embossing Machine




Hydraulic Engage

Embossed Patterns

Embossed & Ribbed

Embossed & Tiled

Embossed Single Rib

Embossed & Combination

We reserve the right to modify the technical details and data listed above as a result of ongoing, technical improvement programs.

Embossing is the manufacturing process by means of a male and a female metal forming roller (embossing dies) to form progressively the grain pattern on stainless steel, color steel, copper, aluminum alloy, leather, plastic, paper, and etc.  The grain pattern may be formed and/or matched on either side or two sides (raised or sunken) of material.


SEAHOW Embossing Machine is used to produce different design patterns onto metal sheets or coils. The applications of embossing are widely to be used in the industries of window and door, furniture, office, building, construction, automobile, etc. to add rigidity or aesthetic value.


The structure of standard model with electric controller

Embossing Machine Layout

  1. Machine Base
  2. Machine Frame
  3. Main Bolt
  4. Embossing Roller Die
  5. Embossing Roller Die
  6. Driving Gear
  7. Driving Gear
  8. T-Handle, vertical adjust mechanism
  9. Handle Bar, vertical adjust mechanism
  10. Adjusting Stand, vertical adjust mechanism
  11. Bearing & Bearing Housing
  12. Controller
  13. Bearing Housing
  14. Bracket for Adjusting Stand
  15. Transmission
  16. Upper Roller Adjust
  17. Stabilizer
  18. Gear Reducer
  19. Motor
  20. Motor stand
  21. Inverter

The most popular textures on a garage door are the wood-grained, stucco, and the pebble-grained patterns.

The critical keys of a well designed embossing system are material deformation, ultimate matches of raised and sunken grain pattern, the vibration, etc.

The embossing rollers are the main and most important parts of the machine. The desired pattern, depth, linear pitch length, width of grain; the tension strength, thickness and width of material; the production speed and capabilities, and such can all be factors of how the machine will be designed & produced.

Embossing Roller Embossing Roller Embossing Roller Embossing Roller

The grain patterns of embossing dies must be made by high engineering standard of various steel alloy raw material (such as SCM-440, SKD-3, SKD-11, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel, etc.,). It can be made by CNC engraving, laser engraving, abrasive engraving (etching), etc. combined with CNC machineries, heat treatment, and plating depending on the complexity of the pattern desired.